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INVESTMENT Opportunity; Condominiums, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Type:Residential - multi-familyalt
Size:52,3 sq.m - 53,5 sq.
Status:Active - for investment
Capital:THB 3,69 million - 150 million


An investment opportunity in condominium units to yield sustainable ROI - both in recurring rental returns and capital gains. A concept for pure investment and condominium ownership.

The Business
The business was established in 2009 by The New Concept Property Co., Ltd. (the Company) with a mission of high quality property development in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In 2011, the Company launched a new concept for Clients looking to purely invest, not live, in premier condominium units, with a buyback option. The Company will ensure and guarantee that Clients yield consistent returns both in rental revenue and capital gains. The buildings and the units feature unique design and are developed in exclusive areas.
Progress / Proof
The Company has developed more than 30 condominium buildings since start. Turnover has grown each year and reached nearly 1 billion THB in 2017. Concept strength is the guaranteed buyback for investors, which has resulted in a well-established business with more than 1000 individual and private fund investors. The Company is now offering a new condominium investment project with 6 buildings and 43 available freehold units (ownership in own name).
Objectives / Future
Project construction started in October 2018 and completes in June 2020 for the two first buildings. The Company objective is to sell all the units in the new project and rent them from investors to utilize the units as serviced apartments in the future. A win-win outcome.
The Deal
The Client/investor buys the condominium(s) and the Company will rent the unit(s) from the Client. Prices from THB 3,69 million per unit, the minimum investment capital. The units have 1 bedroom or 2 bedrooms with 52,3 sq.m - 53,5 sq.m. The Client will earn 8% guaranteed annual rental returns after full payment, even if the property is only planned or under construction. The Client will also enjoy 2% annual capital gains and is allowed to sell the unit(s) back to the Company anytime after a 1 year rental contract. Direct full payment is an option. Installments for 3 months or 6 months with a reservation deposit and a 35% contract payment are terms in an optional payment plan.

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