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JV Opportunity; Land Development, Myanmar

Type:Commercial - Investment Opportunity
Size:700 acres (283 hectares) land area
Status:Active - for investment
Investment Capital:Looking for $5,000,000 - N/A

Land development & investment opportunity on Bo Net Kyaw Island, Myanmar.

The Business
A Burmese company is leasing a 700 acre land area on Bo Net Kyaw Island, which is owned by the government in Myanmar. Lease length is 70 years. The Island is ideal for hospitality business and construction of a resort is being planned. In April 2017, Myanmar will begin implementing a new investment law designed to promote and facilitate both foreign and domestic investment in the economy and open more economic sectors to private investment. FDI in Myanmar was on the rise even before the new investment law was being drafted. Article by World Bank.

In 2016, the Burmese company got approval from Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) by BOT (build-operate-transfer) terms for construction of a resort. The company is paying annual land lease fees to the government and has invested in the construction permit.

To develop a infrastructure and start construction of a 52 room villa resort with associated amenities such as golf course, park, ferry port, etc.

The Deal
A joint venture between the Burmese company and the investor/partner whereas the new partner will invest in the infrastructure and the construction for a majority share of future cash flows and net profits; negotiable.  The permit includes business income tax exemption for 5 years. The investor/partner can use their own construction design with own masterplan as well.